“The Tinderbox” — Documentary Looks at Israel/Palestine Conundrum

With a shift in American and Israeli leadership, the armed hostilities between the Israeli government and Hamas in May, and street riots within mixed Israeli cities, Diaspora Jews are beginning to question the traditionally accepted narratives.

Into the fray has stepped Gillian…

Lilly Rivlin: Artist as Truth Seeker

Every era has its moments that are written and evaluated by “historians.” Creatives capture those same events through the prism of nuance, drama, and emotion.

Lilly Rivlin, now 84, is one such artist. A contemporary of pioneering feminists, she was on the ground to…

Marcia G. Yerman

Marcia G. Yerman (NYC) writes profiles, interviews, essays, & articles focusing on women’s issues, human rights, Israel/Palestine, enviro, and arts & culture.

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